2019 - Year in review

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Another year has gone! I figured I would spend New Years Day reflecting on the last year in order to refresh my goals for 2020. While this process can be great for reconnecting with my photography it also means I have to be honest with myself in relation to what I intended to achieve for 2019 and what I did achieve.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of 2019 was becoming a Vagabond Photographic Creative Guide and attending the Escape and Create South Coast Gathering. The concept for the event was to bring together a great bunch of like-minded creatives for a weekend of photography, adventure, and inspiration.

The weekend featured a fantastic lineup of talented Creative Guides covering ocean photography, landscape photography and travel/lifestyle photography. Warren Keelan and Shannon Glasson were the ocean masters; Amber Cree and her phenomenal family - Keenan, Indigo, and Coco - provided amazing insights into using photography as a method of storytelling and shared their amazing story; and Siobhan Marren and I ran the landscape photography events.

One of the things I loved about this event was the fact it was a camping event. The reason I love camping is because of the connection it allows you to form with the environment you are in. Camping provides the opportunity to disconnect from technology, connect with the environment and do a bit of a digital detox which is always beneficial for creativity. 

The location of the event was the picturesque Shoalhaven region. Siobhan and I scouted out some locations that had some fantastic subjects to shoot but were also challenging, even for the experienced photographers, as the compositions were not always immediately obvious. The workshops that Siobhan and I run are designed to be fun, challenging, inspiring and creativity fueling. 

Ultimately, Vagabond Photographic is a community that is passionate about photography, collaboration and sharing that happiness that photography provides. During the year we had a Vagabond Photographic Muster in Thirroul and then Siobhan and I held a landscape and seascape photography workshop with twelve passionate photographers at Boora Point. Not only was it a great turn out in terms of attendees but the images that were created by the participants were fantastic. 

While I have been shooting landscapes for the last 13 years I have started to diversify and learn more about ocean photography. Learning to shoot from the water is something completely new for me but I absolutely love it and the new creative possibilities it provides. I will be completely honest with myself in recognising that this year I did not shoot anywhere near as much as I intended to. I also didn't post on Instagram very much throughout 2019. There was a multitude of reasons for this including feeling like I needed a digital detox, a break from social media and just needing to focus on other aspects of my life.  

Later this year, I joined up with the Artist Collective which showcases incredible photography from very talented creatives. Some of my images that were signed to the Artist Collective were wave and ocean panning shots which led me to write a tutorial covering this technique. I wanted to share this creative way of shooting the ocean so that others can go out and create their own abstract ocean images. 

So with the commencement of 2020 now I'm excited to start planning some goals for this coming year. Unlike previous years where I write my goals in a moleskin notebook and keep them to myself, I think this year I'll write a blog post about it in order to keep me accountable and share my experience. 

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